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Others call it paradise, we call it home!

Talofa Lava! Welcome to Samoa. 

In the heart of the glistening Pacific Ocean below the equator, half-way between New Zealand and Hawaii and only five hours’ flight from east coast Australia, Samoa awaits your exploration.

Samoa consists of ten islands, but only four are inhabited. These idyllic islands of the South Pacific have been home to our Samoan culture for 3000 years and are considered the heart of Polynesia. Our picture-perfect homeland is an adventure playground filled with white-sand beaches, lush green rainforests, turquoise seas, shimmering waterfalls that are perfect mid-afternoon cool-off points, vibrant colours, mouth-watering fresh cuisine and warm, welcoming people. Samoa is very family-oriented, which means that those planning a family holiday are well-catered for.

Samoa’s two main islands of Savai’i and Upolu offer endless opportunity for adventure and relaxation, and if you still want to get away from it all, you can take day trips or overnight stays to some of the smaller, outlying islands.

Current Weather

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Image credit: Sean Condon/Samoa Tourism
The Main Island


The smaller of the two main islands, Upolu is the gateway to Samoa with the country’s capital as well as Falelolo International Airport located here. Scenic highlights include Lalomanu beach, To Sua Ocean Trench, Piula Cave Pool, Mount Vaea, Papase’a Sliding Rocks and Return to Paradise Beach. Cultural highlights not to be missed in Upolu are the Samoa Cultural Village, FiaFia nights and the morning march and flag raising ceremony of the Samoan police band.

The Big Island


It is sometimes said that if you want to find the real Samoa, take a week and take your time getting to known Savai’i. Pristine beaches, neatly decorated villages and spectacular natural features like the Saleaula lava fields, Mt Matavanu, Alofaaga Blowholes and Afu Aau Waterfall all await you. Savai’i is where Samoa’s relaxed way of life, welcoming hospitality and a reverence for the old way of doing things is very evident.

Getting to Savai’i is easy – just hop on the ferry from Mulifanua Wharf in western Upolu and 90 minutes later you’ll be setting foot on the island.

Samoan Culture

Fa’a Samoa – the Samoan Way

Image credit: Sean Condon/Samoa Tourism

Samoa is a traditional Polynesian society with Fa’a Samoa – which means ‘the Samoan Way’ – playing a vital role in village and community life. It is the essence of the Samoan culture and we at Samoa Airways hold this at the heart of our enterprise and daily work.

Fa’a Samoa is a guideline for every Samoan on how to lead their lives by celebrating and embracing traditional values, their culture and environment. It is an integral part of Samoan life, evident in the time-honoured traditions, warm hospitality, as well as the cultural practices and customs of the Samoan people.

When you visit Apia, take time to discover Samoa’s age-old culture and traditions in a fun and interactive way at the Samoa Cultural Village on Beach Road in the heart of the city.

Other traditions you might want to indulge in are the traditional Sunday meal, cooked on an overground volcanic rock oven called umu, a game or two of kirikiti (the national version of cricket), or learning the time-consuming art of tapa cloth making and painting.