Cargo / Freight

Personal Items

For transport between Apia and Auckland (either direction)
  • Menzies Cargo at Auckland and Samoa Airways at Faleolo Intl Airport will accept personal items for shipment directly from the public.
  • This is an airport to airport service and all items need to be delivered to and picked up from the appropriate airport address (details below).
  • All paperwork is to be completed and all fees paid when goods are dropped off.
  • All goods must be received the night before the flight at the latest. For example, goods received/delivered today will travel on tomorrow’s flight at the earliest.
  • Only general personal cargo is accepted. Items such as Dangerous Goods, Pets,Human remains and High Valuable items will need to be processed through your preferred freight forwarder.

Delivery Addresses

Apia – Faleolo Airport Cargo Terminal – Faleolo Airport

Auckland – Menzies Cargo, Exports Reception, 1 Ogilvy Drive, Auckland Airport. Phone number (AKL) – 256 8441.

  • Pick up address is the same as the delivery address above.
  • Rates – Due to the complex nature of air cargo an exact rate will be determined when the goods are dropped off. But as a guide the cost to move a 50kg item from AKL to APW would be between NZD$300 to $350.
  • Rates for items travelling between APW and AKL are still being determined.


Transporting goods between Apia and Auckland (either direction)
  • Business are advised to contact their cargo agent or freight forwarder who will be able to support transport needs.
  • There is a drop off service for Human remains at Auckland Airport. Funeral Directors can, with prior notice of at least 24 hours, drop off at the Menzies Cargo Exports Reception, 1 Ogilvy Drive, Auckland Airport.

Businesses transporting goods between Sydney and Apia

  • Samoa Airways now provides Australian exporters with a non-stop freight service between Sydney and Apia.
  • Book your next Apia airfreight with GSA Cargo Services –